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A bit about me and this website...

Hello, my name is Michael Day and I am the creator and owner of www.thecueview.com.

All my life I have been involved with Cuesports in some way. I have managed to make century breaks in competitive snooker and I also represented my country (England) in Blackball Pool.

The Cue View is a news, results and opinion website for the Cuesports community to hopefully use and enjoy. I aim to cover as many disciplines and topics as I can on the site. It was also one of my targets to showcase the amateur side of each sport, ladies involvement and disability events too.

Please check out our Social Media platforms as well - we have a vibrant following who get involved in both serious and lighthearted conversations.

If you have anything at all to do with Cuesports that you would like me to look into or cover, please contact me via one of the Social Media links above or through the 'Contact Us' tab on the top right of this page.

I hope you find the kind of stuff I produce to be interesting.

All the best, enjoy your game!

Michael Day

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