Pool - 2015 Bergen Open 9 Ball Championship

8th-10th May 2015 / Kong Oscar Club, Bergen, Norway


German pool legend Ralf Souquet secured yet more silverware when winning the annual Bergen Open 9 Ball event in Norway.​

There was a really good mix of professional talent from across Europe clashing with regional players in this 3 day competition. Handicaps were in place, ranging from scratch to plus 5, but on the whole the big guns were left battling it out in the latter stages.

Souquet came through the double elimination qualifying after a trio of victories. Despite giving local entrants a +5 and +4 in his opening encounters 'The Kaiser' didn't drop a single rack in either. He then sent reigning World Champion Niels Feijen to the losers side after a 9-6 success.

In the last 16 he dispatched Norway's Jardar Elken Flage 9-7 after conceding a 3-0 start.

The eventual champ would then beat some of Europe's hottest properties when seeing off Denis Grabe, Nick Ekonomopoulos and Imran Majid to take the title.

2015 Bergen Open 9 Ball Championship

Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Daryl Peach (Great Britain) (0)            3-9        Benji Buckley (Great Britain) (0)

Ronny Algroy (Norway) (3)                   4-9        Imran Majid (Great Britain) (0)

Ruslan Chinahov (Russia) (0)              6-9        Nick Ekonomopoulos (Greece) (0)

Denis Grabe (Estonia) (0)                     6-9         Ralf Souquet (Germany) (0)


Buckley                      7-9       Majid

Ekonomopoulos      5-9       Souquet


Majid                          6-9        Souquet

Written by Michael Day​​

2015 Bergen Open Champion Ralf Souquet with tournament organiser Harald Sjonbotn. Picture taken by Eirik Amundsen, from the Bergen Open 9-Ball Facebook page.

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