Pool - 2015 Campeonato Panamericano de Pool

(Central and South American Pool Championships)
10th-20th July 2015 / El Trebol Pool, Moreno, Argentina



The Confederation of Pan Americana Billiards (CPB) held the 17th staging of their continental championships in the Argentine city of Moreno, which is situated within the Buenos Aires Province.  8,9 and 10 ball titles were up for grabs in both the men’s and junior sections.

8 Ball
Mexico’s Ignacio Chavez completed a career set of 'Pan Cup' titles with victory in the 8 ball division.

A former winner of the 9 ball (twice) and 10 ball disciplines, Chavez beat the host nation’s Jorge Llanos 11-9 in the final. There is a brief YouTube clip of the final here. Enrique Rojas (Chile) and Ariel Casto (Argentina) secured bronze placed finishes.

Lawrence Arce (Costa Rica) was the top 8 ball junior.

Final standings
MEN                                                                      JUNIORS
1st     Ignacio Chavez (Mexico)                                   1st   Lawrence Arce (Costa Rica) 
2nd     Jorge Llanos (Argentina)                                2nd   Marnix Abdul (Bonaire)
Ariel Casto (Argentina) & Enrique Rojas (Chile)    =3rd Gyairon Martis (Bonaire) Paul Huaman (Peru)
5th    Luis Lemus (Guatemala)                                   5th   Ivan Brasca (Argentina)
6th    Jorge Diaz (Panama)                                          6th   Jesus Atencio (Venezuela) 
7th    Gerson Martinez (Peru)                                    7th   Shamir Tremus (Curacao)
8th    Jose Solórzano (Ecuador)                                  8th   Sergio Reyes (Nicaragua)

9 Ball
Christopher Tevez from Peru retained his 9 ball crown.

This form of pool has been an ever present in the championships since its inaugural year back in 1999. It is a hat trick of 9 ball golds for Tevez after success in 2011 and 2014, and earns him a place at the World Pool Masters in England next month. YouTube footage of his 11-6 final win over another home hero Ariel Casto can be found here and here.

Venezuelan junior Jesus Atencio, who completed the treble last year, held on to his title in this event.

Final standings
MEN                                                                      JUNIORS
1st    Christopher Tevez (Peru)                                  1st   Jesus Atencio (Venezuela)
2nd    Ariel Casto (Argentina)                                   2nd  Luciano Ayala (Argentina)
=3rd    Ignacio Chavez (Mexico)&Ruben Bautista                = 3rd  Patrick Gutierrez (Peru) & Sergio Reyes (Nicaragua) 
5th    Manuel Chau (Peru)                                           5th  Marnix Abdul (Bonaire)
6th    Alvaro S. Leon (Columbia)                              6th  Richiniello Francisca (Curacao)
7th    Gerson Martinez (Peru)                                    7th  Kevin Paz (Guatemala)
8th    Jorge Llanos (Argentina)                                  8th  Lawrence Arce (Costa Rica)

10 Ball
Chile’s Alejandro Carvajal continues to rule the PanAmericano 10 ball ranks with his third consecutive win in the championships’ youngest discipline.

The World Cup of Pool star put more silver medal heartache on the hosts with Gustavo Espinoza having to settle for the runner-up spot.

Atencio made sure of a 2015 double with glory in the youths.

Final standings
MEN                                                                      JUNIORS
1st    Alejandro Carvajal (Chile)                                 1st  Jesus Atencio (Venezuela)
2nd    Gustavo Espinoza (Argentina)                      2nd  Sergio Reyes (Nicaragua)
=3rd    Jose Solórzano (Ecuador) & Enrique Rojas (Chile)    =3rd Gyairon Martis (Bonaire) & Lawrence Arce (Costa Rica)  
5th    Eliazaer Garcia (Nicaragua)                             5th  Paul Huaman (Peru)
6th    Felipe Gallegos (Chile)                                     6th  Marnix Abdul (Bonaire)
7th    Daniel Camil (Argentina)                                 7th  Cesar Damian (Peru)
8th    Richard Wolff (Aruba)                                       8th  Ivan Brasca (Argentina)

For further information and

the full standings, you can visit

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Pan Americana Billiards website

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Written by Michael Day,

published on 29th August 2015


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