​10 Ball Pool - 2015 Nordic 10 Ball Championships
17th-18th October / Oslo Biljardsenter, Oslo, Norway


The Men’s division of the 2015 Nordic 10 Ball Championship consisted of 48 entries from Finland, Sweden and host nation Norway.

The field played in a double elimination format until the Last 32 knockouts. Seeding positions were determined from last years results (won by Swede Marcus Chamat).

It would be another Swedish talent in the form of former World Cup of Pool star Andreas Gerwen who took the top honours.

After surviving a hill-hill clash with fellow countryman Adrian Weiss to qualify, Gerwen was comfortable in all his KO matches by not allowing any opponent more than five racks against him.

He took out Jani Siekkinen (Finland) 9-2, Jim Chawki (Sweden) 9-2, Ronny Oldervik (Norway) 9- 5 and Mats Sterne (Norway) 9-1 to reach the final.

There he upset the odds somewhat by defeating 2012 WCOP and 2015 EuroTour German Open Champion Petri Makkonen of Finland 9-4

Results (from the Last 16 onwards) - losers receive 250Euros each
Marcus Chamat (Sweden)                             9-5    Jani Uski (Finland)
Erik Gustav Gardelov (Norway)                   8-9    Vegar Kristiansen (Norway)
Christian Sparrenlov Fischer (Sweden)    9-3    Ville Hamalainen (Finland)
Petri Makkonen (Finland)                             9-3    Jesse Takanen (Finland)
Mats Schjetne (Norway)                                 9-4    Tianfang Zhang (Sweden)
Roger Rasmussen (Norway)                          9-6    Sami Karttunen (Finland)
Marcus Sjoberg (Sweden)                               5-9    Ronny Oldervik (Norway)
Jim Chawki (Sweden)                                      2-9    Andreas Gerwen (Sweden)

(Quarter-Finals) - losers receive 500Euros each
Chamat                         9-7    Kristiansen
Sparrenlov Fischer    4-9    Makkonen
Schjetne                        9-5    Rasmussen
Oldervik                         5-9    Gerwen

(Semi-Finals) - losers receive 1000Euros each
Chamat        5-9    Makkonen
Schjetne       1-9    Gerwen

(Final) - winner receives 2,500Euros / runner-up receives 1500Euros
Makkonen    4-9    Gerwen

Total Prize Fund - 10,000Euros

For full results and information please visit the official website here.

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