Chinese 8 Ball - 2017 JOY Billiards Tour (Hangzhou Station)

17th-27th September 2017 / Hangzhou, China


World Chinese 8 Ball Champion Yang Fan has won the third leg of the 2017 JOY Billiards Tour in Hangzhou.

​Once again, over 300 entries started the event, in a series that also acts as a qualifying system for next year's JOY World Masters which boasts a six figure prize to the eventual champion.

Players from the UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Myanmar, South Korea, Morocco and South Africa joined the strong, vast Chinese contingent, but it was Portugal's Joao Grilo who finished as the best performing overseas representative when he reached the Last 16.

Yang, who won the JOY World Masters in 2015 and 2016, defeated former professional snooker player Liu Chuang in the Semi-Finals and Gong Haifeng in the final.

Zheng Yubo's winning streak on this tour ended in the Quarter-Finals. Zheng had claimed the opening two tournaments in Linyi and Lianyungang.

The fourth event will be held in Xining between the 28th October - 7th November.

Last 16 losers

Li He, Zhao Ruliang, Ding Wenshuai, Yu Longhai, Chen Wen, Liu Junyan, Joao Grilo, Wu Zhenyu

Quarter-Final losers

Zheng Yubo, Chang Le, Wang Yun, Wu Hao

Semi-Finals (First to 17 / 180 minutes)

Yang Fan 17-14 Liu Chuang

Gong Haifeng 17-10  Zhu Long

Final (First to 19 / 200 minutes) 

​Yang Fan 19-9 Gong Haifeng

The picture above is courtesy of Max Mu.

Written and published by Michael Day on the 28th September 2017

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