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​Chinese 8-Ball - 2018 JOY World Chinese 8-Ball Masters
7th-12th January 2018 (Main Draw) / Olympic Stadium, Qinhuangdao City, China


It has been a little bit tricky keeping tabs on who is doing what in the event - the time difference and information being lost in translation hasn't helped.

Frustrated a bit by this I have gone through all the results so far and simplified them for you - both sides of the draw. Remember, it is Double Elimination, although the final will be a one-off match for the title.

​I will try and update as much as I can, although I am busy with work and other things too!

If you are unfamiliar with Chinese 8-Ball, why not visit the Home Leisure Direct Blog on it here.


Gareth Potts (UK) 13-12 A Bu Lajiang (China)

Toh Lian Han (Singapore) 9-10 Shane Van Boening (USA)

Zhang Kunpeng (China) 13-1 Ricardo Freitas (France)

Chen Shuangyou (China) 13-5 Charlene Chai (Singapore)

Xi Hongyu (China) 13-9 Shen Chongyang (China)

Mauro Valdez (Argentina) 2-13 Delgerhuu Ahtuya (Mongolia)

Klenti Kaci (Albania) 13-0 Cadet David Christopher (Madagascar)

Shan Hongyu (China) 6-13 Zhao Yunbiao (China)

Yang Fan (China) 13-9 Meng Fanyu (China)

Li Hewen (China) 10-13 Zheng Yubo (China)

Richard Halliday (South Africa) 13-0 Andrew Worblewski (Canada)

Karyl Gangnant (Reunion Islands) 5-11 Fukuda Takeshi (Japan)

Nacho Schmit (Spain) 10-11 Joao Grilo (Portugal)

Wang Yang (China) 13-8 Mark McGauley (Norway)

Ahmed Morsi (Egypt) 2-13 Lv Xin (China)

Hijkata Hayato (Japan) 6-13 Yu Guangyuv (China)

Shi Hanqing (China) 13-6 Jason Saleon (South Africa)

​Shi Weida (China) 13-1 Michalis Spyrou (Cyprus)

Wang Dashuang (China) 13-7 Ben Davies (UK)

Westi Morake (South Africa) 4-13 Sanjin Pehlivanovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Aloysius Yapp (Singapore) 13-7 Denis Grabe (Estonia)

Gong Haifeng (China) 11-13 Liu Chuang (China)

​Brian Ochoiski (France) 11-12 Fabio Petroni (Italy)

Alex Lely (Netherlands) 6-13 Karl Boyes (UK)

Wu Hao (China) 13-7 Zhang Lei (China)

Tsuchiya Junko (Japan) 5-13 Hwang Yong (South Korea)

Clint I'Anson (UK) 12-9 Shaun Storry (UK)

Matsumura Hiroshi (Japan) 5-13 Jack Whelan (UK)

An Hongyu (China) 9-13 Enrique Rojas (Chile)

Jaouad Tabi (Morocco) 4-13 Xia Hongyan (China)

​Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar) 13-6 Corey Deuel (USA)

Wu Zhenyu (China) 13-4 Carlo Biado (Philippines) 


Delgerhuu Ahtuya 12-10 Gareth Potts

Klenti Kaci 9-10 Shane Van Boening

​Xi Hongyu 12-7 Chen Shuangyou

​Zhang Kunpeng 13-1 Fukuda Takeshi

​Yu Guangyu 8-11 Lv Xin

​Zhao Yunbiao 13-7 Wang Yang 

Yang Fan 13-8 Joao Grilo

​Richard Halliday 3-13 Zheng Yubo

​Shi Weida 13-9 Wang Dashuang

​Aloysius Yapp 13-5 Xia Hongyan

​Sanjin Pehlivanovic 13-9 Phone Myint Kyaw

​Wu Zhenyu 9-13 Shi Hanqing

Wu Hao 13-6 Hwang Yong​

Clint I'Anson 13-8 Jack Whelan

​Karl Boyes 8-9 Enrique Rojas

​Fabio Petroni 1-13 Liu Chuang 

​​​LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 1 (SUNDAY) - Losers are eliminated 

​Ricardo Freitas 13-5 Karyl Gangnant 

​Meng Fanyu 13-6 Nacho Schmit

​Mauro Valdez 5-13 A Bu Lajiang

​Cadet David Christopher 4-13 Toh Lian Han

Hijikata Hayato 13-7 Ahmed Morsi

​Shen Chongyang 11-9 Charlene Chai

Andrew Wroblewski 2-13 Li Hewen

Shan Hongyu 13-4 Mark McGauley

​Denis Grabe 13-0 Jaouad Tabit 

​Brian Ochoiski 2-13 Gong Haifeng 

Carlo Biado 8-12 Jason Saleon

Westi Morake 11-8 Corey Deuel

​Zhang Lei 13-0 Tsuchiya Junko

​Shaun Storry 13-5 Matsumura Hiroshi

Michalis Spyrou 3-13 Ben Davies

Alex Lely 3-13 An Hongyu

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 2 (MONDAY) Losers are eliminated

Ricardo Freitas 6-13 Joao Grilo

Shen Chongyang 13-8 Richard Halliday

​A Bu Lajiang 12-9 Klenti Kaci

Denis Grabe 8-12 Fabio Petroni

​An Hongyu 8-13 Phone Myint Kyaw

​Hijikata Hayato 13-9 Wang Yang

Shan Hongyu 13-12 Yu Guangyu

​Shaun Storry 8-13 Wang Dashuang

​Meng Fanyu 13-2 Fukuda Takeshi

​Gong Haifeng 13-10 Xia Hongyan

Zhang Lei 9-13 Wu Zhenyu

​Ben Davies 11-13 Jack Whelan

Westi Morake 11-12 Karl Boyes

Li Hewen 7-13 Chen Shuangyou

​Toh Lian Han 3-13 Gareth Potts

​Jason Saleon 13-5 Hwang Yong


Yang Fan 13-10 Zhang Kunpeng

Shi Hanqing 8-13 Wu Hao

Lv Xin 8-11 Zhao Yunbiao

Xi Hongyu ​7-13 Zheng Yubo

​Sanjin Pehlivanovic 5-13 Enrique Rojas

Clint I'Anson 7-13 Shi Weida

Aloysius Yapp 7-13 Liu Chuang

​Shane Van Boening 13-5 Delgerhuu Ahtuya

​​LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 3 (MONDAY) Losers are eliminated

Gareth Potts 11-12 A Bu Lajiang

​​Hijikata Hayato 8-13 Shan Hongyu

Fabio Petroni 3-13 Gong Haifeng

Shen Chongyang 10-9 Chen Shuangyou

Meng Fanyu 10-11 Joao Grilo

​Jason Saleon 13-11 Wu Zhenyu

​Wang Dashuang 10-13 Jack Whelan

​Karl Boyes 5-13 Phone Myint Kyaw

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 4 (TUESDAY) Losers are eliminated 

Delgerhuu Ahtuya 11-10 Joao Grilo

Clint I'Anson 9-13 Gong Haifeng

​Sanjin Pehlivanovic 13-10 Jason Saleon 

Zhang Kunpeng 13-4 A Bu Lajiang

​Xi Hongyu 13-10 Shan Hongyu

Lv Xin 11-12 Shen Chongyang

​Shi Hanqing 13-8 Phone Myint Kyaw

Aloysius Yapp 8-13 Jack Whelan


Zhao Yunbiao 9-13 Yang Fan

Liu Chuang 10-11 Wu Hao 

Shi Weida 13-4 Enrique Rojas

Zheng Yubo 13-9 Shane Van Boening


Wu Hao 13-6 Shi Weida

Yang Fan 11-13 Zheng Yubo

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 5 (TUESDAY) Losers are eliminated

Shen Chongyang 8-13 Zhang Kunpeng

Jack Whelan 12-13 Shi Hanqing

​Xi Hongyu 13-10 Delgerhuu Ahtuya

​Gong Haifeng 13-4 Sanjin Pehlivanovic

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 6 (WEDNESDAY) Losers are eliminated

Gong Haifeng 13-7 Zhao Yunbiao

Zhang Kunpeng 13-8 Enrique Rojas

Xi Hongyu 4-13 Liu Chuang

Shi Hanqing 13-8 Shane Van Boening

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 7 (WEDNESDAY) Losers are eliminated

Gong Haifeng 12-13 Shi Hanqing

Liu Chuang 9-15 Zhang Kunpeng

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 8 (THURSDAY) Losers are eliminated

Shi Hanqing 13-11 Yang Fan

Zhang Kunpeng 13-3 Shi Weida


Zheng Yubo 12-9 Wu Hao

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 9 (THURSDAY) Loser is eliminated

Zhang Kunpeng 16-13 Shi Hanqing

LOSERS SIDE - ROUND 10 (FRIDAY) Loser is eliminated

Zhang Kunpeng 13-10 Wu Hao


Zheng Yubo 19-9 Zhang Kunpeng

​Picture above is courtesy of Max Mu

Written and published by Michael Day​​​​​​​​​​​​