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The '18 hole' event, refereed by World Team Championship winning English 8 Ball Pool player Beckie Watkins (England), was eventually won by England on the 4th Play-Off hole after an absorbing and enthralling nights entertainment.

7BallRun has already been awarded acclaim from the Cuesports community; The Whirlwind Jimmy White is a fan of the concept and on the night he described it as 'fantastic'. Players shared some of their thoughts on Twitter.​​

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​Former European Under 19 Snooker Champion Jamie O'Neill and 2016 Oceania Snooker Champion Kurt Dunham, currently on the professional tour, were also in attendance, as well as representatives from Paddy Power and 7BallRun partners Bet Radar.

SingleShot Entertainment Director Shawn Budd (who himself has played on Snooker's top tier) said "our company continues to deliver a deeper insight for its clients to achieve more predictive results for smarter and more confident decisions. 7BallRun is an example of one of those products we deliver".

Published by Michael Day on the 23rd November 2017


The official global launch of the Neil Robertson 7BallRun took place last week in Cambridge, as an all-star cast came out to experience this new and exciting Cuesport discipline.

Hosted by SingleShot Entertainment Inc. at the Cambridge Working Men's Club, invited guests were thrilled to watch the first ever 7BallRun matchplay event featuring an 'Ashes Style' contest between old rivals England and Australia.

Team Australia was represented by former snooker professional Vinnie Calabrese and 2010 World Snooker Champion Neil Robertson, whilst Mosconi Cup winner and MVP Chris Melling partnered the one and only Jimmy White MBE for England.

7BallRun is a Pool game which is played with each competitor getting their opportunity to clear from a predetermined computer generated starting position. 7BallRun can be compared to players having the same opportunity that they would have in a golf tournament.  These patterns have been tested by some of the world's leading players to give a near exact percentage of success.