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It has been another hectic Home Nations Series event.

130 players began in Barnsley, but we're now down to the Semi-Finalists, who will all share the one table set up at the Metrodome this weekend.

Playing the entire event at the venue does pose a number of logistical issues, though.

With all the big names having entered this tournament, a tight schedule and just one featured TV table, it always looked likely that some star attractions would have to play on either the streamed Table Number 2 or on one of the 'outside' tables away from the cameras altogether.

One of those who had to play away from the limelight was World Champion Mark Selby. 

Having won his opening round match against Scott Donaldson under the Eurosport TV cameras, his Last 64 tie with Ross Muir on Wednesday evening was put on the stream - the schedulers opting to put Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ding Junhui on the main table instead.

O'Sullivan and Ding are obviously super-duper draws in the sport. When you also consider they had very capable and classy opposition in Mark Davis and Michael White respectively, the decision to put them on the TV Table ahead of Selby was arguably the right choice. (No disrespect in any way to Muir, by the way).

However, worse was to come for Selby the next day when his Last 32 fixture with Xiao Guodong was eventually played on Table 5.

In fairness, Selby was due to play on the streamed table again, but because the matches between Bingham v Vafaei and Higgins v Milkins both went the distance on that table before, the organisers had to relegate Selby in order to get the Last 32 finished before the Last 16 session in the evening.

On that Wednesday afternoon, once again O'Sullivan, and this time Judd Trump v Matthew Stevens were top of the TV pecking order.

Selby lost to Xiao 4-1. Afterwards on Twitter, despite appearing to be light-hearted and jovial, the World Number 1 made a point of where he was placed for his match with the hash tag #table5please.​​

Whilst the tweets appeared good natured, I'm sure there was a part of Selby voicing an opinion on where he was placed.

Being the World Number 1 by an absolutely huge margin, plus having won 5 ranking events last season alone, he deserves respect. Perhaps he felt he didn't get it.

Not for a second do I expect Ronnie to be dropped from the TV table, but with the event being in the UK, there is an argument Selby should take precedence over Ding, and also Trump.

World Number 42 Matthew Selt - no stranger to airing an opinion on Twitter, joined in the conversation, also making reference to O'Sullivan having all his matches on the TV table.

So what do you think? Where these the right calls by the tournament officials?

What would happen in other sports and who should take preference in the future?

Let us know your opinion...

Written and published by Michael Day on 21th October 2017

​The next day, with the event now at the Last 8 stage, 'The Jester' returned to Social Media to mock World Snooker when tagging them into a tweet asking whether Table 5 was being used anymore.