Pool - The 3rd Annual 2015 Deurne City Classic

28th May - 1st June 2015 / Ames Deurne, Deurne, Netherlands


The host nation's Alex Lely was the stand out performer in the 3rd Annual 2015 Deurne City Classic; claiming titles in the One Pocket and Molinari 9 Ball Main events.

256 players, both professional and amateur, took part in one of European Pool's headline tournaments - with 20,000Euros on offer.

In a very similar structure to the popular Derby City Classic from the USA, there were a number of different disciplines that the field could play in.

Lely picked up the biggest cheque of the festival (3,000Euros) with his victory in the main event. He is the third Dutchman in a row to win the honour after Nick Van Den Berg in 2013 and Niels Feijen last year.

Courtesy of his One Pocket success as well, Lely was also named the overall 'Master Of The Table'.

It was a great outcome for German players too, with Florian Hammer taking home 500Euros when conquering the Kamui 9 Ball Challenge, whilst the young Joshua Filler retained his 9 Ball Bankpool crown from 2014.

​The Netherlands also had Melvin Reese win the 14.1 Shootout.

MOLINARI 9 BALL MAIN EVENT (Results from the last 16 onwards)

Boyes                  6-9       Lely

Stahl                   4-9       Kuckherm

Cabello               9-5       Kerel

Cohen                 6-9       Trajdos

Aarts                   6-9       Bijsterbosch

See                       2-9       Ortmann

Filler                   9-8       Spitzky

Scholl                 6-9       Castelein


Lely                     9-8        Kuckherm

Cabello               9-5        Trajdos

Bijsterbosch     8-9        Ortmann

Filler                   9-7        Castelein


Lely                      9-7       Cabello

Ortmann            9-7       Filler


Lely                      9-5       Ortmann

KAMUI CHALLENGE (Results from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Kevin Becker                   6-1       Raphael Keusen

Roy Gerards                     6-4      Aziz Moussati

Florian Hammer            6-5       Konrad Juszczyszyn

Francisco Sanchez         6-0      Nico Baumanns


Becker         5-6        Gerards

Hammer     6-3        Sanchez


Gerards        3-7       Hammer

9 BALL BANKPOOL (Results from the Last 16 onwards)

Becker                 1-3        Van Den Berg

Filler                    3-0       Fullwell

Spitzky                0-3       de Wit

Ortmann            3-2        Bongers

Wolf                     3-0       Trajdos

Lely                      3-1        Challenger

​O'Neill                0-3        Baier

Castelein            3-1        Skoniecki


Van Den Berg    0-3      Filler

de Wit                  3-0      Ortmann

Wolf                     3-1       Lely

Baier                    3-2       Castelein


Filler                    3-1       de Wit

Wolf                     0-3      Baier


Filler                   3-2        Baier

ONE POCKET (Results from the last 16 onwards)

Cohen                 3-0        Ferreira

Baier                   3-1         Salim-Giassar

Cabello               2-3        Lely

Kijistra               0-3        de Ruyter

Bijsterbosch     3-0        Penrose

Wolf                    1-3         de Wit

Lau                      0-3        Van Den Berg

Kirsch                 3-0        Baumanns


Cohen                 3-2        Baier

Lely                      3-0       de Ruyter

Bijsterbosch      2-3       de Wit

Van Den Berg    2-3       Kirsch


Cohen                  1-3       Lely

de Wit                 3-1        Kirsch


Lely                      3-1        de Wit

There is a Facebook event page dedicated to the event here.

Written and published by Michael Day​​

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