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For a bit of a laugh, last season I worked out an Order of Merit for the four Home Nations events played throughout the season. Just like all the other active ranking lists we have in professional snooker, this was dependant on prize money won from each of those tournaments.

Last year's OOM winner was Stuart Bingham. Due to his current time away from the sport he will not be defending this prestigious title (we make it highly, highly important here, of course!). You can read last year's money list here.

With just the Welsh Open to come this year's list is taking shape. As you would expect, with the prize money weighted towards the champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Neil Robertson and Mark Williams make up the current podium places. Further down the list, though, is maybe a small sign of certain players' consistency in these fairly brisk formatted competitions.

Looking at this seriously for a second, before I have said how I am not a great believer in the 'Million Pound Bonus' idea. I think there would be more longevity and validity in having either a prize for the best performing player or a sort of Home Nations 'Grand Finals' where the top 16, 24 or 32 from the OOM get invited.

I have also suggested a Home Nations Grand Finals could effectively replace either the World Grand Prix or Players Championship. Even as a huge snooker follower, I still think it is hard to distinguish those two events from one another, especially being so close together on the calendar. (* I do realise it wouldn't be easy just swapping events though...but in my ideal world...)

Here is the current Top 32...

=1st R. O'Sullivan 83,500 
         N.Robertson 83,500 
3rd  M. Williams 73,500 
4th  Yan 39,500 
5th  K.Wilson 33,500 
6th  Cao 32,500 
=7th Higgins 29,500 
          Trump 29,500
         Slessor 29,500
10th McGill 26,000 
11th Lu Haotian 22,500 
12th Ursenbacher 20,000 
13th Xiao 19,500 
14th Walden 18,500 
=15th M.White 16,000 
            Milkins 16,000 
17th Dunn 15,000 
=18th Maguire 12,500 
            Tian 12,500 
            Li Yuan 12,500 
           Lisowski 12,500 
           Vafaei 12,500 
23rd Highfield 12,000 
=24th G.Wilson 11,000 
             Hugill 11,000 
             Ford 11,000 
=27th J.Robertson 9,500 
            Carrington 9,500 
=29th Wollaston 8,500

             Zhang Yong 8,500

             Liang 8,500

             Li Hang 8,500

             Gilbert 8,500

             Craigie 8,500

             Wakelin 8,500

             Perry 8,500 

Picture above is courtesy of World Snooker

Written and published by Michael Day on the 20th December 2017