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2017 Eden Masters - Masterful Evans Again

Reanne Evans wins English Ladies Snooker Championship

2016 WLBS UK Championship / IBSF Australian Ranking Event

2016 Paul Hunter Ladies Classic

2016 IBSF Girls World Youth Snooker Championships (Under 18's and Under 21's)

2016 Australian / South African Ladies Snooker Championships

2016 IBSF Ladies World 6 Reds and Team Championships

2016 EBSA European Ladies Team Snooker Championship - High Five For Russia

2016 EBSA European Ladies Snooker Championship - Jans Again!

2016 EBSA European Ladies Snooker Championship - Round Robins Review

2016 WEBSF Ladies Open Snooker Championship

​2016 World Ladies Snooker Championship - Reanne Rules!

​2016 World Ladies Snooker Championships - Finals Day Preview

2016 World Ladies Snooker Championships - Round Robin Review

2016 World Ladies Snooker Championships - Doubles Delight for Hong Kong

2016 WLBS World Championship Preview

2016 WLBS Eden Classic

2016 Oceania Championships

2016 Connie Gough Memorial

Women's Snooker - January 2016 - International Round-Up

2015 WLBS Eden Masters

2015 IBSF Women's World Championship - Jans is the Queen of Egypt

Beauchamp takes English Pool's 2015 Ladies Premier League

2015 IBSF Women's World 6 Reds Championship - More success for Ng On Yee

Australian snooker hat-trick for Woods

9th Euro title for Jans - 2015 European Women's Snooker Championship

Vera Selby is awarded MBE

​2015 SEA Games - Joy for teenager Centeno

2015 IBSF Girls World Under 21's Snooker Championship - Thai delight

2015 Central and South American Women's and Girls Pool Championships

Women's Snooker - July & August 2015 News In Brief