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Amateur Snooker - 2015 XXVII Brazilian Snooker Championships
21st-25th October 2015 / Shopping Island, Sao Luis, Brazil


Over 150 entries, from across the different categories, took part in the 28th edition of the Brazil National Snooker Championships.

Expertly organised by the Brazilian Confederation of Billiards and Snooker (CBBS), the festival was held in the busy Shopping Island venue in Maranhao’s capital city of Sao Luis. The intimate surroundings meant a number of intrigued spectators could get up close to the action.

The event was also a somewhat glitzy affair with special guests of snooker legend, Jimmy White, and International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) vice president, Maxime Cassis, in attendance.

Current professional player, Igor Figueiredo, claimed his ninth Men‘s title, whilst Carmelita Yumito lifted the Women’s crown for the seventh different occasion.

In the other sections, Noel Rodrigues won the Masters division for the over 40’s, Amaury Brasil was top in the Under 21’s, and Jairzinho scooped the 6 Reds Seniors.

Along side the trophies, R$ 61,500 prize money was also dished out.

Snooker in Brazil appears to be increasing in popularity and standard -  perhaps the success of Figueiredo and the countries other pro, Itaro Santos, has raised the profile of the sport. 

Cassis would earlier in the week also award the country with the invite of hosting an IBSF competition during 2017.

​        XXVII Brazilian Snooker Championships (Top 3 standings in each division)
                                                                1st    Igor Figueiredo
                                                                2nd  Fabinho
                                                                3rd    Itaro Santos

                                                                1st    Carmelito Yumita
                                                               2nd   Alexandra
                                                               3rd   Mariana

                                                               Masters (Over 40’s)
                                                               1st    Noel Rodrigues
                                                               2nd  Robson
                                                               3rd   Sobradinho

                                                                        Under 21
                                                               1st    Amaury Brasil
                                                               2nd  Matheus Fatuch
                                                               3rd   Gabriel Campos

                                                                   6 Reds Seniors
                                                                1st    Jairzinho
                                                                2nd  Koca
                                                                3rd   Esquerdinha

For lots more information on the Championships, please visit the CBBS Sinuca Facebook page here.

​Pictures are courtesy of the Brazilian Confederation of Billiards and Snooker

Written and published by Michael Day on the 3rd November 2015