Well done to Fred Dinsmore for retaining the no 1 ranking in 2015, and winning 2 ranking events (events 3 and 4), and to Tony Southern who also won 2 ranking events (events 1 and 2).

Congratulations to Daniel Lee, who won his first ranking event and has finished at no. 4 in the rankings in only his second season.

Dave Beaumont won the overall challenge rankings battle but was pushed hard by Matt Lester.

We have had some new players this year, and although numbers have been lower than last season, we are confident in bringing players back by introducing a new format, and revised prize structure.

We would also like to add our congratulations to Fred Dinsmore who this year won the European 8-ball title, as well as a silver and bronze in the other disciplines.

Tony Southern won a silver and bronze, Danny Luton a silver and a bronze for Roy Kimberley.

In the gallery section for event 5 you can see the players receiving their end of season prizes (based on Rankings) from Predator cues and Talisman, many thanks to them both.

- Fred Dinsmore took home a Predator Ikon 8 cue.

- Tony Southern a Predator Sport II cue.

- Aslam Abubaker a Predator Jump cue.

- Daniel Lee chose the personalised Talisman case.

- Roy Kimberley had the Predator soft case.

- Danny Luton the Poison Case.

- Dave Beaumont won a Poison playing cue for finishing no 1 in the challenge rankings.

- Matt Lester took home a set of Aramith Balls for finishing 2nd in the Challenge rankings.

The players all took home a Predator or
Poison Cue Towel.

We would also like to thanks all our sponsors, and in particular
Gentlemen’sNight Out Charityfor supporting the tour with funding to enable it to run.

Predator Cues, not only for providing the above prizes, but also for providing extra equipment for use in the academy.

Simonis Cloths, for enabling us to recover our tables on a regular basis.

Aramith Balls for sending 8 brand new TV sets this season.

Tiger Cues of Warrington for providing table lighting.

Kamui Tips for providing sets of tips, chalk and accessories for all players.

AB Wallace trophies for their excellent trophies.

George Vetters and the team at the
Escape Pool Bar in Barnsley for hosting 2 events a season and their excellent support.

thecueview would like to thank the BWPPA for their continued hard work!​​​


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