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Women's Pool - 2015 Campeonato Panamericano de Pool (Central and South American Pool Championships)

10th-20th July 2015 / El Trebol Pool, Moreno, Argentina

              PAN-AM GOLD FOR


Costa Rica's Adriana Villar become the most successful player in CPB female continental championship history as she struck double gold in Argentina.

The 29 year old regained the 9 ball crown for the fourth time in her career with victory over Peru's Jacqueline Alvarez in the final.

Villar also conquered the 10 ball ranks for the second time when beating Chilean Susana Barrera into top spot. She last won this title back in the divisions debut year of 2009.

In all it means individual 'Pan Cup' wins number 5 and 6 on her pool CV, alongside a host of other podium finishes. She passes Miirjana Grujicic (Venezuela) who was on 5.

There was however success for Argentine Soledad Ayala in the 8 ball, as she secured the host nations only gold medal of the Championships.

Daniela Catalan of Guatemala was definitely the star of the show during the Girls events. 

​She scooped her first Panamericano honours in the 10 ball, and the newly formed 8 ball disciplines. Columbian Karla Bermudez also enjoyed a great time within Buenos Aires - highlighting a tournament win in the 9 ball.

Final standings

8 Ball  

WOMEN'S SECTION                                              GIRLS SECTION                                         1st    Soledad Ayala (Argentina)                         1st    Daniela Catalan (Guatemala)

2nd  Carlynn Sanchez (Venezuela)                   2nd  Nashua Juarez (Peru)

3rd   Jacqueline Perez (Peru)                                3rd  Vivian Lopez (Guatemala) 

         & Adriana Villar (Costa Rica)                              & Karla Bermudez (Columbia)

(no other results available)                                 5th   Nataly Damian (Peru)

9 Ball

WOMEN'S SECTION                                              GIRLS SECTION

1st    Adriana Villar (Costa Rica)                         1st    Karla Bermudez (Columbia)

2nd  Jacqueline Alvarez (Peru)                           2nd  Daniela Catalan (Guatemala)

​3rd   Maylin Balladares (Nicaragua)                  3rd   Vivian Lopez (Guatemala)

         & Carlynn Sanchez (Venezuela)                         & Nataly Damian (Peru)

5th   Susana Barrera (Chile)                                 5th   Nashua Juarez (Peru)

6th   Johanna Espinoza (Venezuela)  

7th   Mirjana Grujicic (Venezuela)

8th  Jackelene Perez (Peru)

10 Ball

WOMEN'S SECTION                                              GIRLS SECTION

1st     Adriana Villar (Costa Rica)                        1st    Daniela Catalan (Guatemala)

2nd   Susana Barrera (Chile)                               2nd   Karla Bermudez (Columbia)

3rd    Johanna Espinoza (Venezuela)                3rd    Vivian Lopez (Guatemala)

          & Soledad Ayala (Argentina)                              & Nataly Damian (Peru)

5th    Maylin Balladares (Nicaragua)                 5th   Nashua Juarez (Peru)

6th   Luciana Fernandez (Argentina)

7th   Carlynn Sanchez (Venezuela)

8th   Jackeline Perez (Peru)

The championships were hosted by

the Confederation of Pan American

Billiards. You can find out more

information and full standings on their

website, or through the a link here.

Written by Michael Day, published on 28th August 2015