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2015 CBSA 9-Ball International Miyun Open
9th-15th October 2015 / Miyun Youth & Children’s Place, Beijing, China


The latest stop of the lucrative 2015 CBSA International 9 Ball Open Tour was in the Miyun County of Beijing, where an impressive group of players from across Asia assembled to compete for the “JiangShang Holdings Cup”

There were headline matches throughout, although the Filipino interest in the male division was ended in the Last 32.

Current World 9 and 10 Ball Champion Ko Pin Yi was flattened by his younger brother Ko Pin Chung 11-2 in the Last 16, and a round later, recent World Cup of Pool winner Chang Yu Lung (alongside Yi for Chinese Taipei) was destroyed by the same scoreline when facing former W9C Wu Jiaqing.

In-form Wu, who won the Guangzhou leg of the series a few months earlier, made his way to another final when comfortably dispatching Chung in the semi‘s.

Waiting there for Wu would be the familiar face of former childhood practice partner, (when he represented and lived in Chinese Taipei), Cheng Yu-Hsuan.

Wu started brightly in taking a 5-1 lead, but Cheng deliberately kept it tight when fighting back to just a 4-5 deficit.

The now Chinese cueist then took a time-out in an attempt to halt his challenger’s momentum. However, this was to no avail, as Cheng took the lead and held it, coming through a 13-8 victor.

The 27 year old, who is also known as the “Assassinator Scholar”, takes RMB 200,000 prize money, roughly over US$31,000, back home to Taiwan.

November will see the series’ last event of the year as the circuit moves to Jiangsu for the Hongze Event.

Results from the Last 32 onwwards - losers receive 4,000RMB each
Li Wen Lo 7-11 Chang Jung-Lin
Li Hewen 8-11 Cheng Yu-Hsuan
Wang Li 5-11 Dang Jinhu
Chu Bingjie 11-3 Kong Dejing
Zhou Long 11-6 Han Haoxiang
A.Yeruult 5-11 Yang Fan
Kuo Po-Cheng 8-11 Yang Qing Shun
Wu Kun Lin 11-6 Meng Fanyu
Lee Vann Corteza 10-11 Wu Jiaqing
Hsu Rui-An 11-9 Liu Haitao
Lin Dali 11-9 Ronnie Alcano
Chang Yu Lung 11-3 Xu Xiaocong
Liu Wei 4-11 Ko Pin Yi
Hikata Hayato 6-11 Ko Pin-Chung
Zheng Xiaohuai 5-11 Wang Can
Fu Jianbo 9-11 Zhu Hong Min

Last 16 - losers receive 8,000 RMB each
Cheng Yu-Hsuan 11-6 Chang Jung-Lin
Chu Bingjie 11-10 Dang Jinhu
Yang Fan 8-11 Zhou Long
Wu Kun Lin 11-8 Yang Qing Shun
Hsu Rui-An 7-11 Wu Jiaqing
Chang Yu Lung 11-7 Lin Dali
Ko Pin-Chung 11-2 Ko Pin Yi
Zhu Hong Min 4-11 Wang Can

Quarter Final - losers receive 20,000RMB each
Chu Bingjie 5-11 Cheng Yu-Hsuan
Wu Kun Lin 11-7 Zhou Long
Chang Yu Lung 2-11 Wu Jiaqing
Wang Can 6-11 Ko Pin-Chung

Semi Final - losers receive 40,000RMB each
Kun-Lin Wu 8-11 Cheng Yu-Hsuan
Ko Pin-Chuang 4-11 Wu Jiaqing

Final - winner receives 200,000RMB / runner-up 80,000RMB
Wu Jiaqing 8-13 Cheng Yu-Hsuan

Many thanks to Alison Chang and her Taiwanese Passion for Pool website for supplying thecueview with photographs from the event. 

Alison also has a recording of the final (among other great videos!) on YouTube here.

Article written and by published by Michael Day on the 23rd October 2015