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Professional Pool - CBSA International 9-Ball Open Series (Hongze event)
17th-23rd November 2015 / Hongze County, Jiangsu, China


Hongze was the last stop of this year’s CBSA International 9-Ball Open Series, and it was Taiwan’s Xiejia Zhen who would pick up his first title of such magnitude.

Xiejia would face the former double World Champion Wu Jia-qing in the best of 25 rack final. 

Wu continues to have a great year. He has reasserted himself as a major threat on both the local and international scenes, after time off with the military, and a worrying leukaemia health scare.

He reached the Last 4 of the World 9 Ball Championship in September, and has already been a winner (Guangzhou) and runner-up (Miyun) on this Chinese Tour.

It also looked like he might take the substantial first prize here when forging a 6-0 opening lead in the final.

But surprise package Xiejia stayed resilient. He eventually levelled it up at 8-8, and then won another five of the next seven for a 13-10 victory.

Results (from the Last 32 knockout stage onwards)
Zheng Yu Xuan 9-11 Zhang Ronglin
Kaneo Iarge 10-11 Liu Chuang
Can Wang 11-9 Fu Jianbo
Xu Cong 5-11 Fu Zhewei
Chen Wenhua 9-11 Xiejia Zhen
Yangshao Jie 9-11 Yang Fan
Zhou Long 11-1 Linda Li
Soth Gordon Hohmann 4-11 Zhang Yulong
Chubing Jie 4-11 Li He Wen
Chenshuang You 11-9 Liu Teng
Jung 3-11 Caused Yang
Party Jinhu 6-11 Lee Van Gedi Sa
Liu Haitao 11-9 Xu Jun Yang
Jin Xudong 6-11 Conde Beijing
Zhu Xi Wo 9-11 Liu Zheng Jie
Li Jian 1-11 Wu Jia-qing

(Last 16)
Zhang Ronglin 11-9 Liu Chuang
Can Wang 8-11 Fu Zhewei
Xiejia Zhen 11-7 Yang Fan
Linda Li 8-11 Zhang Yulong
Li He Wen 11-5 Chenshuang You
Caused Yang 11-9 Lee Van Gedi Sa
Liu Haitao 11-2 Conde Beijing
Liu Zheng Jie 5-11 Wu Jia-qing

Zhang Ronglin 11-7 Fu Zhewei
Xiejia Zhen 11-9 Zhang Yulong
Li He Wen 11-10 Caused Yang
Liu Haitao 3-11 Wu Jia-qing

Zhang Ronglin 9-11 Xiejia Zhen
Li He Wen 4-11 Wu Jia-qing

Xiejia Zhen 13-10 Wu Jia-qing

There is a YouTube video of the final here.​

Written and published by Michael Day on the 26th November 2015