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Professional Pool - 2015 China Open 9 Ball Championship

2nd-5th July 2015 - Shanghai, China


​Albin Ouschan of Austria is the 2015 China Open champion after coming through a quality international field at the Shanghai Pudong Yuanshen Stadium.

It will be some relief for the previously ranked world number 8 to take down a global major after last year finishing runner up during the World Championship in Qatar.

Ouschan began his campaign well with a win over Chile's Alejandro Carvajal 9-6, but he then lost 9-8 to Fu Che Wei (Chinese Taipei) during the initial double elimination qualification stage.

The  24 year old managed to regroup though as he ended the hopes of Filipino Johann Chua 9-6 to book a last 32 knockout berth.

​There he had victories over Ko Ping Chun, Mateusz Sniegocki and Lee Van Corteza to make the last 4 which was played on finals day.

There he eliminated the last remaining Chinese player Chu Bing Jie 11-8 to set up a clash with current Canadian national champion John Morra.

Although never comfortable, Ouschan was able to take the crown after beating his North American opponent 11-8.

Albin Ouschan takes home $40,000 and is the third European to take this honour after Thorsten Hohmann (2009) and Chris Melling (20111) since the tournaments inception in 2009. He is also the youngest winner thus far.

2015 China Open 9 Ball Championship

Results (from the last 32 knockouts onwards) - losers receive $1800 each

​Chang Yu Lung (Chinese Taipei)                     9-11                 Li Hewen (China)

Oi Naoyuki (Japan)                                              10-11                Do Hoanq Quan (Vietnam)

Chu Bing Jie (China)                                           11-8                  Denis Grabe (Estonia)

Dennis Orcullo (Philippines)                            11-4                 Jeffrey Ignacio (Philippines)

Ko Ping Chun (Chinese Taipei)                        7-11                 Albin Ouschan (Austria)

Mateusz Sniegocki (Poland)                             11-6                 Do Thekien (Vietnam)

Hsu Kai Lun (Chinese Taipei)                           11-7                 Jason Klatt (Canada)

Chang Jun Lin (Chinese Taipei)                      7-11                  Lee Van Corteza (Philippines)

Warren Kiamco (Philippines)                          11-9                  Aloysius Yapp (Singapore)

John Morra (Canada)                                          11-8                  Marc Bijisterbosch (Netherlands)

Fu Che Wei (Chinese Taipei)                            11-8                 Niels Feijen (Netherlands)

Fu Jianbo (China)                                                 11-8                 Dang Jing Hu (China)

Wu Jiaqing (China)                                              11-10               Nikos Ekonomopoulos (Greece)

Wang Can (China)                                               10-11               Nick Van Den Berg (Netherlands)

Francisco Diaz (Spain)                                       7-11                 Mika Immonen (Finland)

Carlo Biado (Philippines)                                  4-11                 Darren Appleton (Great Britain)

(last 16) - losers receive $3000 each

Do Hoang Quan                            11-6                  Li Hewen

Chu Bing Jie                                  11-4                  Dennis Orcullo

Albin Ouschan                             11-8                   Mateusz Sniegocki

Lee Van Corteza                          11-7                   Hsu Kai Lun

John Morra                                   11-9                   Warren Kiamco

Fu Jianbo                                       11-6                   Fu Che Wei

Nick Van Den Berg                     11-8                   Wu Jiaqing

Mika Immonen                           11-5                    Darren Appleton

(Quarter-Finals) - losers receive $6000 each

Chu Bing Jie                                  11-5                    Do Hoang Quan

Albin Ouschan                             11-6                    Lee Van Corteza

John Morra                                   11-10                   Fu Jianbo

Nick Van Den Berg                     11-7                    Mika Immonen

(Semi-finals) - losers receive $10,000 each

Albin Ouschan                             11-8                    Chu Bing Jie

John Morra                                   11-8                     Nick Van Den Berg

(Final) - winner receives $40,000, runner-up receives $20,000

Albin Ouschan                             11-8                     John Morra

Written by Michael Day, published on 5th July 2015