TEAM EVENT, Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

NETHERLANDS                                                           2-0        CROATIA

(Neils Feijen, Ivo Aarts, Nick Van Den Berg)                    (Michel Bartol, Josip Susnjara, Marko Lisnic)

PORTUGAL                                                                   0-2        AUSTRIA

(Joao Grilo, Rui Franco, Miguel Silva)                                (Albin Ouschan, Maximillian Lechner, Mario He)

GERMANY                                                                    2-0         SPAIN

(Sebastian Stabb, Andreas Roschkowsky, Ralf Souquet)      Francisco Diaz, David Alcaide, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz)

POLAND                                                                        2-1         FINLAND

(Karol Skowerski, Tomasz Kaplan, Mieszko Fortunski)         (Petri Makkonen, Aki Heiskanen, Kim Laakksonen)


NETHERLANDS       2-1       AUSTRIA                                     GERMANY          0-2          POLAND



Poland came from behind in the final to claim gold in the multi-discipline team event.

Nick Van Den Berg had put Holland in front after winning his point in 9 Ball.

Kaplan levelled it up for the Poles with success in the 8 Ball, and then Karol Skowerski defeated Niels Feijen in the 10 Ball section to take top step on the podium.

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 9 BALL, Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Niels Feijen (Netherlands)                       8-9                       Andreas Gerwen (Sweden)

Karol Skowerski (Poland)                         9-8                        Marco Teutscher (Netherlands)

Francisco Diaz (Spain)                               9-7                       Daniele Corrieri (Italy)

Marc Bijsterbosch (Netherlands)           9-8                       Francisco Sanchez Ruiz (Spain)


Gerwen                2-9            Skowerski                                   Diaz                9-8              Bijsterbosch


Skowerski           5-9            Diaz

Very much two of the players of the tournament, Skowerski and Diaz battled it out for the last gold medal up for grabs.

But it was the Spaniard who picked up the 9 Ball title for the second time in his career, after winning the same tournament in Luxembourg 2012.

​It completed somewhat of a set for Diaz on 2015; he won silver in the 10 Ball and bronze in the Straight Pool.

 10 BALL, Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Alexander Kazakis (Greece)                    8-3                      Andreas Gerwen (Sweden)

Saki Kanatlar (Turkey)                             4-8                      Nick Van Den Berg (Netherlands)

Karol Skowerski (Poland)                        6-8                      Fabio Petroni (Italy)

Aki Heiskanen (Finland)                         6-8                      Francisco Diaz (Spain)


Kazakis             8-6             Van Den Berg                            Petroni            3-8           Diaz


Kazakis             8-5             Diaz

Alexander Kazakis of Greece won his first European Gold after a close fought victory over Spaniard Francisco Diaz in the championship match.

Kazakis also dethroned reigning title holder David Alcaide (also of Spain) in the last 32.

Written by Michael Day, published on 30th June 2015

 STRAIGHT POOL, Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Niels Feijen (Netherlands)                    125-44               Stephan Cohen (France)

Serge Das (Belgium)                                41-125               Francisco Diaz (Spain)

Tomasz Kaplan (Poland)                        125-107             Maximillian Lechner (Austria)

Marco Teutscher (Netherlands)          71-125                Nick Van Den Berg (Netherlands)


Feijen          125-1         Diaz                                                 Kaplan             61-125           Van Den Berg


Feijen           94-125       Van Den Berg

It was an all Dutch affair in the final of the Straight Pool; the first competition of the festival to finish.

It was between friends and team pairing of Niels Feijen and Nick Van Den Berg. It was also an exact rerun of the 2014 final in North Cyprus.

However this time around VDB got the better of the reigning World 9 Ball Champion.

After an hour into the clash, the match was put on the clock for slow play; much to the dismay of Feijen, who contested the decision with the tournament director. The judgement stood though, and Nick managed to get over the line for Gold.

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 8 BALL, Results (from the Quarter-Finals onwards)

Jani Uski (Finland)                                   8-6                          Ruslan Chinakhov (Russia)

Albin Ouschan (Austria)                         5-8                          Niels Feijen (Netherlands)

Serge Das (Belgium)                                8-5                          Alexander Kazakis (Greece)

Ivo Aarts (Netherlands)                          4-8                          Karol Skowerski (Poland)


Uski                        2-8          Feijen                                          Das               4-8            Skowerski


Feijen                     8-6          Skowerski

Niels Feijen gained some measure of revenge over Karol Skowerski in the final of the European 8 Ball Championship.

Due to more slow play, the shot clock was applied with the match at 4-4.

This time around though Feijen was able to get over the line and secure more Euro Gold.