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9 Ball Pool - 2015 Predator French Open 
16th-18th October 2015 / Replay Billiard Club, Bry sur Marne, Paris, France


Representatives of European countries and beyond travelled to the suburbs of Paris for this hotly contested 9 Ball event - however, it would be another Englishman who took the spoils.

The long weekend began with more grouped qualifying (there had been a previous event for home entrants) as hopefuls attempted to join the seeded players and professionals in the main stage draw.

Despite spirited displays from a number of amateurs, the real big hitters would contest the latter stages, where Imran Majid outran the gauntlet to take the beautiful trophy and title.

In-form Majid, a finalist at the recent Dutch Open EuroTour, recovered from an early loss in the winners qualification round to beat classy opponents such as Vincent Facquet, Tony Drago and Marc Bijsterbosch for the glory.

He follows in the footsteps of Karl Boyes; the inaugural winner here in 2014.

Results (from the last 16 onwards) - losers receive 150Euros each
Nick Van Den Berg (Netherlands)        4-9    Joao Cardoso (Portugal)
Li Boris (China)                                          0-9    Marc Bijsterbosch (Netherlands)
Noel Bruynooghe (Belgium)                  9-6    Robin Cripps (Great Britain)
Chris Seville (Great Britain)                   6-9    Huidji See (Netherlands)
Alex Montpellier (France)                       9-4    Patryk Statkiewicz (Poland)
Ivo Aarts (Netherlands)                           7-9    Tony Drago (Malta)
Vincent Facquet (France)                        9-2    Ivaylo Markov (Bulgaria)
Imran Majid (Great Britain)                   9-6    Aziz Moussati (Morocco) 

(Quarter-Finals) - losers receive 350Euros each
Cardoso            6-9    Bijsterbosch
Bruynooghe    8-9    See
Montpellier     6-9    Drago
Facquet             4-9    Majid

(Semi-Finals) - losers receive 600Euros each
Bijsterbosch   9-4    See
Drago                5-9    Majid

(Final) - winner receives 2,100Euros / runner-up receives 1,100
Bijsterbosch    7-11    Maji

Total Prize Fund - 7,000Euros

thecueview would like to thank the 2015 French Open by Predator team for allowing us to use their photograph from the event.

There are a couple of Facebook pages about the tournamenthereandhere.

Written and published by Michael Day on the 25th October 2015