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The medalists in the Men's Event (from left to right - Roman Dietzel, Patrick Einsle, Sascha Lippe and Robin Otto. Picture credit - www.touch-magazine.net

Amateur Snooker - 2015 German Snooker Championships

14th-22nd November / Bad-Wildungen, Germany

                     DOUBLE FOR LIPPE

Sascha Lippe beat former main tour professional Patrick Einsle in the final to become the Men's German Snooker Champion for the second time.

As part of the Deutsche Billard Union's 9 day cuesports extravaganza where a number of different discipline national championships were dished out, snooker had competitions for Men, Women and Seniors.

It was unfortunate that the timing clashed with the IBSF World Championships in Egypt, but there was still plenty of quality and well known faces from the amateur scene.

In a predictably close affair, Lippe came through 4-3 with the help of a fluked pink in the decider.

​In the Women's, Stefanie Muller beat Anje Hehre in the final for the Gold. 

Olaf Thode dethroned outgoing title holder Mario Burot to take the Seniors crown.

2015 German Snooker Championships - Results
MEN’S (from the Last 16 knockouts onwards)
Simon Lichtenberg 0-3 Sascha Lippe
Daniel Duck 1-3 Christian Gabriel
Robin Otto 3-1 Tobias Friedrichis
Richard Wienold 1-3 Sascha Breuer
Roman Dietzel 3-0 Florian Stiefenhofer
Peter Wagner 1-3 Daniel Schneider
Nicolas Fisz 0-3 Jan Eisenstein
Marco Weber 1-3 Patrick Einsle

Lippe 3-0 Gabriel
Otto 3-0 Breuer
Dietzel 3-2 Schneider
Eisenstein 1-3 Einsle

Lippe 3-1 Otto
Dietzel 2-3 Einsle

Lippe 4-3 Einsle

WOMEN’S (from the Quarter-Final knockouts onwards)
Stefanie Muller 2-0 Ramona Kirchner
Stefanie Teschner 2-0 Paula Herzog
Diana Schuler 1-2 Anja Hehre
Silke Dienel 0-2 Liza Giese

Muller 2-1 Teschner
Hehre 2-1 Giese

Muller 2-0 Hehre

SENIORS (from the Last 16 knockouts onwards)
Holger Marth 1-3 Oskar Gold
Ralf Dahn 3-2 Jorg Schneidewindt
Mario Burot 3-0 Malte Schuchert
Andreas Metz 2-3 Oliver Garnys
Mike Becher 3-1 Stefan Braun
Lars Wellman 0-3 Frank Schroder
Dennis Rothaug 1-3 Olaf Thode
Gunther Karg 1-3 Roland Baltrusch

Gold 3-2 Dahn
Burot 3-0 Garnys
Becher 1-3 Schroder
Thode 3-2 Baltrusch

Gold 0-3 Burot
Schroder 1-3 Thode

Burot 1-2 Thode

Pictures above are credited to www.touch-magazine.net

Written and published by Michael Day on the 28th November 2015​​