​Blackball Pool - 2015 JLEC English Open (2015 IPA Tour Event 2)
15th-17th May 2015 / Bradford Hotel, Bradford, England

                  ENGLISH TRIO CLAIM


Neil Raybone, Marc Farnsworth and Jack Whelan were crowned champions at the second stop of the 2015 IPA Tour in Bradford.

The ever consistent Raybone took glory in the English Open event; a format where the IPA professionals (like himself) were challenged by an array of upcoming amateurs.

Raybone, as one of the top seeds, was automatically placed into the last 64 knockouts. There he made light work of Jamie Tudor 7-3, before whitewashing Eddie Roberts 7-0 to reach the last 16.

The Midlander then exhibited his determination and bottle in coming through three consecutive deciding frame finishes against Jimmy Carney, Michael Barrow and Farnsowrth.

His task was no easier in the final, as he clashed with Welsh hotshot Simon Ward - a finalist in the recent UK Professional Championship. An exciting tie with differing playing cultures awaited.

Raybone was not to be denied though, as he maintained his cool to win 7-3.

Farnsworth enjoyed his first major trophy since returning to the English Pool scene after a short self-exiled absence. He would take the honours in the high quality professional competition.

As a returning pro, Marc started his campaign in the preliminary round where he dispatched Lee Bannister 9-3.

He then received a walkover due to a non-appearance, before getting stuck into potting machine Andrew Hughes, tour 1 runner-up Andy MacDonald, and talented youngster Jon McAllister to book a final berth. There he would face fellow experience in the shape of Jimmy Carney.

But big money player Farnsworth was in no mood for drama, as he eased to a comfortable 10-4 scoreline.

Current IPA World Champion Jack Whelan continued his hot streak, as he made it back to back victories in the Amateur section.

‘The Wonder’ carved his way through the field, including a 6-1 last 16 success over England teammate Adam Brpwn.

However, his bid for the double was nearly derailed in the latter stages. 

He squeezed past Connor Jones 6-5 in the semi-finals, and repeated the dose against the promising David Compton to lift yet more silverware.

2015 English Open (2015 IPA Tour Event 2)
Results - from the last 16 onwards
Ross Fernie               5-7    Andy Lucas
Oly Bale                     4-7    Liam Dunster
Simon Ward             7-5    Jimmy Croxton
Dan Davy                   7-6    Craig Marsh
Kristian Phillips      5-7    Shane Lewis
Marc Pickworth       2-7    Marc Farnsworth
Jason Hill                   2-7    Michael Barrow
Jimmy Carney          6-7    Neil Raybone

Lucas               4-7    Dunster
Ward                7-5    Davy
Lewis               4-7    Farnsworth
Barrow            6-7    Raybone

Dunster           1-7    Ward
Farnsworth    6-7    Raybone

Ward                 7-3    Raybone

2015 English Professional
Results - from the last 16 onwards
Gareth Hibbort        5-9    Jon McAllister
Jason Twist               5-9    Ronan McCarthy
Jordan Shepherd     3-9    Andy MacDonald
Marc Farnsworth    9-7    Andrew Hughes
Neil Raybone            9-6    Jason Rimington
Kevin Barton             3-9    Jimmy Croxton
Jimmy Carney           9-4    Paul Harkness
Lee Anderson            9-8    Marc Pickworth

McAllister      9-8    McCarthy
MacDonald    4-9    Farnsworth
Raybone         6-9    Croxton
Carney            9-4    Anderson

McAllister      8-10    Farnsworth
Croxton           9-10    Carney

Farnsworth    10-4    Carney

2015 English Amateur
Results - from the last 16 onwards
Adam Brown        1-6    Jack Whelan
Ross Fernie          6-3    Daz Cheetham
Simon Webb        1-6    Connor Jones
Nicky Griffiths    3-6    Myles Deleuse
David Compton   6-3    Curtis Lee
Luke Sanges         4-6    Andy Lucas
Michael Barrow   2-6    Wayne Bristow
Richie Oliver        2-6    Michael Hughes

Whelan        6-2    Fernie
Jones             6-5    Deleuse
Compton     6-4    Lucas
Bristow        6-4    Hughes

Whelan        6-5    Jones
Compton     6-2    Bristow

Whelan        6-5    Compton

For full results, you can visit the IPA website through this link

Written by Michael Day

Neil Raybone (above) added yet another honour to his pool CV. Picture courtesy of the IPA

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