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Chinese 8 Ball - 2017 STAR Chinese Pool World Championship (Men's)
13th-16th March 2017 / The First High School Stadium of Yushan County, Shangrao, China


After just 2 days of intense action in Shangrao City, only 8 players from an original field of 63 remain in the race to become the 2017 Chinese Pool Men's World Champion.

We are now certain of a new name on the trophy following the Last 32 eliminations of Shi Hanqing and Darren Appleton. Shi's title defence was ended by Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar) 11-3 whilst 2015 winner Appleton lost to Liu Haitao 11-6.

5 of the 8 remaining players left are from the host nation - Yang Fan, Gong Haifeng, Chu Bingjie, Zhu Long and Liu. 

Two time World Chinese 8 Ball Master Yang has remained unbeaten on his route to the Last 8. He has arguably been the most impressive player so far having dropped just 15 frames in his four matches.

Eight players from Great Britain started the day, but come the end of it, only Scotland's Jayson Shaw and England's Mick Hill are left; both players coming from the 'B Side' in the Double Eliminators.

Shaw sealed his Quarter-Final spot with a trio of victories on Tuesday over Jack Whelan, Clint I'Anson and Ko Pin Yi. 

Hill, last year's beaten finalist, gained revenge over former WPA World 8 & 9 Ball Champion Wu Jiaqing with a deciding frame 11-10 win in the Last 16. Wu had previously beaten him during the opening day.

The only other non-Chinese entry left is Kyaw, who continues to go somewhat under the radar despite some very positive results.

Wednesday will see the completion of the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the 3rd/4th Place Play-Offs.

LOSERS SIDE, FINAL ROUND - Double Elimination Section

Zhang Guanghao (China) 9-3 Dai Yong (China)
Zhang Kunpeng (China) 1-9 Liu Yong (China)
Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) 8-9 Qiao Fengwei (China)
Gong Haifeng (China) 9-5
Zheng Peng (China)
Liu Haitao (China) 9-6
Dang Jinhu (China)
Zheng Xiaohuaix (China) 3-9 Shen Chongyang (China)
Chao Lumen (China) 4-9 Li He (China)
Chia-Chen Hsieh (Chinese Taipei) 5-9 Zhu Long (China)
Steven Martin (Great Britain) 9-6
Radoslaw Babica (Poland)
Jack Whelan (Great Britain) 2-9 Jayson Shaw (Great Britain)
Brandon Shuff (USA) 3-9 Antonio Lining (Philippines)

Gareth Hibbott (Great Britain) 9-7 Cheng Yuhsuan (Chinese Taipei)
Chang Jung Lin (Chinese Taipei) 9-4
Shane O'Hara (Republic of Ireland)
Carlo Biado (Philippines) 9-6
Yang Ching-Shun (Chinese Taipei)
Alex Pagulayan (Canada) 4-9 Phone Myint Kyaw (Myanmar)
Chang Yu Lung (Chinese Taipei) 7-9 Mick Hill (Great Britain)

LAST 32 (The event from now on is single elimination - 16 from Winners Side v 16 from Losers Side)

​Zhu Long 11-10 Zheng Yubo (China)

Jin Xudong (China) 5-11 Gareth Hibbott
Li He 9-11 Wang Can (China)
Yang Fan (China) 11-4
Steven Martin
Mick Hill 11-7
Wang Peng (China)
Wu Jiaqing (China) 11-5
Qiao Fengwei
Meng Fanyu (China) 11-10
Liu Yong
Liu Haitao 11-6
Darren Appleton (Great Britain)
Steven Petty (Great Britain) 5-11 Shen Chongyang
Phone Myint Kyaw  11-3
Shi Hanqing (China)
Yu Haitao (China) 11-10
Zhang Guanghao

Gong Haifeng 11-5 Corey Deuel (USA)
Lee Van Corteza (Philippines) 8-11 Carlo Biado
Chang Jung Lin 7-11 Chu Bingjie (China)
Pin-Yi Ko (Chinese Taipei) 11-4
Antonio Lining
Jayson Shaw 11-6
Clint I'Anson (Great Britain)


Meng Fanyu 4-11 Liu Haitao
Shen Chongyang 8-11 Phone Myint Kyaw
Yu Haitao 9-11 Gong Haifeng
Carlo Biado 5-11 Chu Bingjie
Pin-Yi Ko 7-11 Jayson Shaw
Wu Jiaqing 10-11 Mick Hill
Yang Fan 11-4
Wang Can

Gareth Hibbott 3-11 Zhu Long

Picture above is courtesy of Alison Chang. Please visit her site www.alison-chang.com

Written and published by Michael Day on the 14th March 2017