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Chinese 8 Ball - 2017 JOY Billiards Chinese 8 Ball Tour (Event 4, Xining Station)


There was another huge, international starting entry for the fourth and final 2017 JOY Chinese 8 Ball Tour event of the season.

Home youngster Zhang Kunpeng took the top prize of $15,000 in Xining after victory over Liu Yong in the final. On his way to the title he defeated Zheng Yubo in the Last 16. Zheng had won the opening two tour events of this campaign.

Zhang was the Runner-Up to Gareth Potts in the JOY World Masters Final back in January, and he will surely be a serious contender for glory in a few months time.

Current World Chinese 8 Ball Champion Yang Fan also lost in the Last 16 stage, along with 2016 World Champion Shi Hanqing.

Results (from the Last 16 onwards) - Race to 15, 160 minute limit

Liu Yong def. Li Bo

​Wan Tongle def. Shi Hanqing 

Chen Zhigang def. Qin Liwen

​Chao Lumen def. Xi Shouxin

Zhang Kunpeng def. Zheng Yubo

​Wu Zhenyu def. Zhang Guanghao

Wang Yuheng def. Yang Fan

Li Hewen def. Gong Haifeng 

Quarter-Finals - Race to 17, 180 minute limit

Wu def. Chao

Zhang def. Chen

Liu def. Wang

​Wan def. Li

Semi-Finals - Race to 17, 180 minute limit

Liu def. Wan

Zhang def. Wu

Final - Race to 19, 200 minute limit

Zhang def. Liu

Picture above is courtesy of Max Mu

Written and published by Michael Day on the 10th November 2017